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About Us

HDRI shop supplies high resolution, High Dynamic Range Images HDRI for use within all 3d rendering software applications that support image based lighting. We shoot on very high quality DSLR cameras and equipment which means we can create all our HDRI environments at a resolution 11000 × 5500 pixels, and our back plates at 6000 × 4000 pixels. We supply our HDRI packs at these resolutions to give you the greatest flexibility possible, enabling you to achieve optimal results at render time.

The focus of this site is to offer you some of the most interesting environments that we have had the pleasure of visiting and capturing in HDRI format. When our images are used in conjunction with renderers that support image based lighting, extremely photorealistic results can be achieved.

Hdrishop was created in 2011 by Stuart Rowbottom, an industry veteran who has over twenty years of experience in the visual effects industry and has also worked extensively within commercials, promos and product visualisation and now owns Solidstate VFX. Having worked on some of the biggest blockbusters of the past ten years we have gained a vast knowledge of techniques that can be used to create stunning computer generated imagery. As this site progresses it is our intention to share these techniques with you via our tutorials and blog area.